I am a 30-something marketing and communication leader based in Brisbane who has a passion for marketing, communication and all things customer.

With over twelve years of experience in business, technology and design, I understand the importance that content plays, especially in utilising design to drive impact with your audience. 

I thrive on developing strategies to drive businesses forward, but I also love getting my hands dirty by delivering the work too.

I currently work for an Italian solar inverter and electric vehicle charger manufacturer and manage the marketing and communications activities for the Australian and NZ markets.



A little bit about me

I value leadership, transparency and delivering on promises. I am a sharpshooter and work well with people at all levels and from different backgrounds. I love technology and can learn new software and tools extremely quickly. I love innovation and am always keen to try new things and understand how they can improve things, whether in my personal life or a work setting.

I am a listener and critical thinker. I am independent and a bit of an introvert.

  • I have a 12-year-old black labrador who is more salt and pepper than black these days.
  • I love to travel and look to combine a run with our holidays.
    • I have completed a half marathon in the US, Easter Island, China, Germany, Austria, Australia, and my most memorable, Antarctica. Also, I was crazy enough to complete a marathon in the US.
  • I enjoy watching women's football (soccer) and playing field hockey.
  • I enjoy drinking craft beer and supporting local independent craft breweries.
  • I enjoy gaming and have a PS5, Switch and PC.


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